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Cosplay plans :D

Ross went to Americaland today (yesterday since it is 5am now). It feels weird without him, since I have been spending 90% of my time at his house recently. Hopefully I will cope? 3 weeks isn't too long. In the mean time I have cosplay (and essays...) to do! I always forget how much I love making cosplays. It is such a nice feeling to work on something for ages then complete it and be happy with it.


Exciting adventure time in March

Today Ella and I discovered something amazing.
Amanda Palmer is touring and is going to Auckland. So now we are organising our adventure to Auckland in March. We both have to wait until after Busker's to get paid so we can book everything but that is irrelevant! What is relevant is that this is exciting and I am filled with squee flavoured anticipation!

In other news; I brought a yellow and white umbrella today for $4 it is huge

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Jan. 15th, 2009

Oh, fuck it.
I am coming back to this journal.
I never really felt comfy at the old one. It was like a shoe that was far too big. Too much to live upto. Plus, having a livejournal for close to five years isn't too bad of an effort, even if you are stuck with a stupid name you made up when you were 13...

So let's rock and roll baby. To start the beginning of this new journey, I will now answer some 50 questions thing that I did at some point a few years ago. First one is my old answer, second is my NEW UPDATED answer. Some things never change... like me doing stupid questionaires often.

QuizCollapse )Ok, that's all done and gone.
So, yesterday Ella Gini and I had a Skins marathon. Good times. I was quite hungry + sleepy the whole time though. As soon as Gini turned the lights off for sleep time I feel asleep aparently.
In the morn Ella and I awoke and went downstairs to eat breakfast (me yogurt, her pringles) then Gini came down and we all watched Skins extras.
I caught the bus, and the bus driver said she liked the buttons of my dress. She was very nice. After a nice journey listening to a song I don't know the name of but like, I got off a stop early because sometimes it's nice to have a block of walking to think.
I got home and decided to check my NCEA results. I put in the wrong number... then had to get a new password, confusing stuff.
Passed level 3 with excellence. I am quite stoked, since it was my school goal for this year
History A, M, SNA (not attempted)
Classics E, E, M
Design A (passed! yus!)
Printmaking E (fuck yes!)
I only ended up getting 10 ICT credits, it was either complete my papers or do my art work. Printmaking is worth it. Speaking of which I really want to find a printing press somewhere for hire in Christchurch so I can continue printmaking without going to fine arts/paying $3000+ not going well so far, emailed a few places but no reply. Alas.
Oh, then Mum came home and I told her I did really badly =D
Then she was proud of me for doing well and took me to Spotlight to get some clothings.
After cooking dinner, we started to watch a movie but it was boring and depressing so I asked if there were any movies she wanted to rent...
So we watched Mamma Mia XD Appropriate. It was better than I thought it would be, but then again I have always had a weak spot for musicals.

Welllll, hopefully I will update again another day!

Feel loved Ella!

I will update properly tonight...
The day my history internal was due. the night before I spend pretty much the majority of the day (after school) working on it, since I had done nothing of it. 11ish hours later I went to bed at 3am and woke up at 6am so for the rest of the day I was pretty sleep-deprived. To make matters fun, I had a maths test the last period of the day. Which I failed (or at least I'm pretty sure I did) because MY BRAIN WAS MUSH!
Gini left on this day. So after school we went to Boarders where we met up with Josh, and we drank cawfee and Josh got Gini a book.
While we were drinking coffee, we happened to overhear part of a conversation a girl and guy next to us were having a conversation which went like this:
Girl: So basicly, you're here trawlin' for chicks? How cute!
Due to sleep deprivation of both Gini and I and regular sized coffee we started snickering quietly. But then we started laughing even more because sometimes you see someone else laughing and it looks funny. Then Josh was confused because he hadn't heard what she said, so we laughed even more.
It was good fun!

Next we went to Timezone and got photo stickers (with the machine that makes every picture look amazing). Then we played a 'throw the balls in the frogs mouth' game. But the tickets got stuck, so the guy got the key and re-setted the machine and we got 60 TICKETS!! It was amazing.
Then Gini and I went to the bus stop and said our goodbyes, which probably sounded like the parting between lovers in a trashy romance novel. Which is always fun.

Today I got up and played Destroy All Humans2 for most of the day :D


Photos! (image heavy)

Joe: 'I think it's time for some photos!'

The Next Morning Milly, Ella, and Bella (together we form MEB) went into town. We walked there ;__; BUt I documented it!!
I had my birthday party last night. It was very neat. Only now I am so tired -__- I need to inject myself with caffine or something before I go to Zebedees tonight.
Thanks to everyone who came :D

I went to the pharmacy and by Monday at 4.20pm I will have 55 photos developed from CD! I hope they come out OK. Most of them are from my party. There's a lot of Bella in only her underwear... hmmm....

But I had some mixer.And it was supposidly only 7% vodka. But it tasted like shite. I was so angry.
I'm going to Ella's in 5 hours! But what to do before then... I could do my history internal that I haven't started on and is due in three days.... OR NOT!
Wow. Rammstein in fat suits is the best thing I've seen today!
I'm suppose to be in town right now, getting tights, instead I'm doing this quiz from Rosa's Myspace. Good Times