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The day my history internal was due. the night before I spend pretty much the majority of the day (after school) working on it, since I had done nothing of it. 11ish hours later I went to bed at 3am and woke up at 6am so for the rest of the day I was pretty sleep-deprived. To make matters fun, I had a maths test the last period of the day. Which I failed (or at least I'm pretty sure I did) because MY BRAIN WAS MUSH!
Gini left on this day. So after school we went to Boarders where we met up with Josh, and we drank cawfee and Josh got Gini a book.
While we were drinking coffee, we happened to overhear part of a conversation a girl and guy next to us were having a conversation which went like this:
Girl: So basicly, you're here trawlin' for chicks? How cute!
Due to sleep deprivation of both Gini and I and regular sized coffee we started snickering quietly. But then we started laughing even more because sometimes you see someone else laughing and it looks funny. Then Josh was confused because he hadn't heard what she said, so we laughed even more.
It was good fun!

Next we went to Timezone and got photo stickers (with the machine that makes every picture look amazing). Then we played a 'throw the balls in the frogs mouth' game. But the tickets got stuck, so the guy got the key and re-setted the machine and we got 60 TICKETS!! It was amazing.
Then Gini and I went to the bus stop and said our goodbyes, which probably sounded like the parting between lovers in a trashy romance novel. Which is always fun.

Today I got up and played Destroy All Humans2 for most of the day :D


Apr. 7th, 2007 07:03 am (UTC)
So glad I didn't take History this year. I missed the Maths test!! TWICE!! Once I was sick, the second time I had a mole removal. Fuck that was scary. The mole removal part.

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