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Cosplay plans :D

Taokaka from Calamity Trigger

This game isn't realeased yet but it looks so cool. I love the character, she is the perfect blend of cute and slighty creppy. And mask is win. The only thing I don't like is the skimpyness, but I will solve it by making the hoodie longer, and wearing orange tights. Her legs look orange in all the pictures, and it will be more accurate than my blindingly white legs.

Progress so far (with not so impressive webcam):

The sleeves look weird becayse they are not attached to anything D: But I love the paws!! They are so warm and comfy and it gives me an excuse to hit people and not hurt them :D I need to finish sewing down parts though (I've glued them on first for EXTRA SECURITY!)
The face is a lower half of face mask with a wee flap I can fold over my eyes, and a black hat XD It kinda looks like a ninja!
I have orange tights (from my Velma cosplay, but ended up using knee high socks because it was hottt/more accurate) and have partially sewn the zip, also have the braids (my secret skill of braiding nicely had finally come in handy!!) and made the tail. I will post more when I have made more.
Mawako from Paradise Kiss

I have a scooter! It's not the same style as this one (it looks more like a moterbike) but useful! I already have the jacket and petticoat. The rest I have the material to make. Except the boots... I don't really feel like forking out over 100$ for them, so I might just wear my pretty high heels instead -__-
No progress pics yet!
Ross went to Americaland today (yesterday since it is 5am now). It feels weird without him, since I have been spending 90% of my time at his house recently. Hopefully I will cope? 3 weeks isn't too long. In the mean time I have cosplay (and essays...) to do! I always forget how much I love making cosplays. It is such a nice feeling to work on something for ages then complete it and be happy with it.



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Jan. 11th, 2011 12:42 am (UTC)
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