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Anti-Smacking Bill

This is about the lies of Sue Bradford

Some Facts You Need To Know

  • If the Bill is passed, good parents will be treated as criminals under the law

    The police have confirmed that smacking a child would be assault. They will have to investigate any complaint made against a parent for smacking or even removal to "time out". This will immediately place a family under enormous pressure. The police have to enforce the law, regardless of what politicians say. Did you know? - Two Queen's Counsel have said that removing a child to "time out", a light smack, and even the threat of a light smack, would become assault if s59 is repealed. The Select Committee's proposed changes to s59 would have the same effect.

  • Banning smacking will not stop child abuse

    In 2003, a UNICEF report identified poverty, stress and family breakdown - along with drug and alcohol abuse - as the factors most closely and consistently associated with child abuse and neglect. Did you know? - Of the five countries with the lowest child abuse death rates in the UNICEF report, four allow smacking!

  • Child abuse is already illegal in New Zealand

    The law already says that child abusers have committed a crime. Did you know? - Since 1990, there have only been seven successful defences under s59 - that's seven in 16 years!

  • Reasonable smacking does not damage children or teach them to be violent

    Did you know? - A recent Otago University study found that children who were smacked in a reasonable way had similar or slightly better outcomes in terms of aggression, substance abuse, adult convictions and school achievement than those who were not smacked at all.

  • Kiwis know the difference between smacking and child abuse

    Did you know? - Averaged out, polls show that 80% of us want to keep the status quo.

This is all from http://www.voters.co.nz/thebill/

At that site you can email your MP in less than 20seconds and tell them that you're opposed to it. Yep yep yep.

Also, the Labour government (all of whom were forced to vote in favor of the bill by Helen Clark) is pushing the bill so that it will be passed through sooner than the intended date, which was to be in two months.
It's stupid. The rate that we're going we're becoming less and less of a democracy. The people are suppost to run the government, not the other way round
This morning I got the first bleeding nose I've had in forever. Then about threee minutes later I grazed the back of my ankle on the door. And it started bleeding, but I didn't notice. And now there's blood on my sock >__>
And I have a cold. Gah.
But despite that I'm still pretty happy about today!
Load all of your MP3's in what ever proggie you use, hit random and take the first song played (no cheating by skipping) and enter it in the category, repeat till done...

If my life were a movie this would be it's soundtrack:

The first few are creepy and appropriate!

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Mar. 18th, 2007

I have finally, after the majority of my life, stopped biting my nails. AMAZING!

The past week or so of my life has been dedicated to making my Card Captor Sakura costume for Armageddon. And I think it is slowly driving me to the brink of insanity. Why does the ribbon hate me? WHY?! Geez

Anyway, it is my birthday party in less than two weeks. I'm looking forwards to it! Mum has agreed to let it be unsupervised, which is a big win. And then a few weeks after that is Armageddon! But Gini is leaving a week before it to China for a month ;__; Oh no!

I went to buy my tickets for Armageddon the other day. The lady at the counter assumed I was a child (I was wearing my school uniform) and I didn't have time to correct her, she just kept on going at a million miles an hour. But I got a double pass for $18 instead of $26 so I' not exactly complaining. Only I am, because the age for Children's ticket was 12 and under. I'm 17 on the 29th goddamit! Oh well, I guess that means when I turn 18 and go to buy restricted stuff people will always ask me for ID which will make me feel old and important. Yep, yep, yep.

Also, yesterday I was in the food court in the City and a boys high guy and two year 11s from my school walked by. And the guy said to me 'Are you a dyke?' and then he and the girls laughed and pretty much ran away before I could think of an amazing comeback. But... WTF? Maybe someone took it seriously when I confessed my undying love for Gini and proposed... hmmm
gini got a wee bit sick in th anthtub but she's sleeping as ok now.
everyone cept me is sleppyong (evn kute wee sake!!) o was on inetent chatvorard, annoong emos. it was sO MCU fun1 then they all vlocked me. lol!!!
they tjogut the reason i was spelling bad was coz i wa retarted.but it's really coz i'm drunl. hen ^--^


tonight: bella did a striptease X3
we went to the park and played on the swings, and roundtbout. then i walked home hand in ahn dwith gini. and we found a iron. so gini is keeping it. coz they don;t ahve one
there was dancinf, wth glow sticks
there was;never have i ever' drubking game (whihc s why u puked. coz the vodka had been in ym motuh too long)
i discorred coke n burbon isnt as good as i thouhgt
i felt sick fot a while. but i got better
i dunni i', tired....
i should go return the fames grom the vifeo store!!
Hah. I forgot what I was updating about! My bad.

I'm so happy. A combination of coffee, Grace Kelly by Mika (love for this song! Yeah!) and the awesome amazing skirt Gini gave me today. I wasso pleased. I'm going to wear it tomorrow to swimming sports even though it's not blue or ninja related. (I can be a girl ninja?) It's that cool :)

Today: I went to coffeee with Gini. It was so good. Then we spent the next few hours there doing homework and reading :D I listened in on a group of people at the Borders cafe... I think they were a monthly book club or something. After we went back to Gini's, consumed food, and watched Grey's Anatomy. Hah, I just gave Sake some catnip treats. Now she's all cute n hyper! Awah!
Then Mum called, and I thought she was angry with me for not being home. But when I got home she wasn't angry at all... confusing lady!
Today Gini gave me a Valentine's Card :D  I gave her a (paper) ring, since I proposed to her yesterday. But I have to make a new one! Yep yep yep.

I'm so excited. I get to keep my snake bite studs in for swimming sports tomorrow. I really hate the plastic retainers. Because they're not studs, they come out sometimes, and the right one isn't reacting well to them (it's being really puss-y) but it's gotten a lot better. so I'm pleased!

School? Yeah...
I'll do what Bella did. To make things simple.
Maths - I have Ms Logie again. I had her last year, there was quite a bit of mutual hate. But she doesn't seem as bad this year. Plus the girl who sits next to me (Amanda) is really nice and chipper. And has the same Hello Kitty eraser as me! Amazing!
ICT We get 34 Credits for doing unit standards! -insert happiness- I figured out I can also make good use of the high speed internet connection at school and download manga during the lessons, then put them on my mp3 player, which doubles as a 2gb memory stick, and put them on the computer at home.
Design and photography I'm really looking forwards to it! We're doing photography first. We got to take notes about composition. I was so happy! Yesterday we went into the dark room. It's pretty amazing, and really big (I thought it was tiny for some reason...)

English We don't have to do speeches! Thank fuck. Instead we're doing a unit standard where we have to read 9 books. Which is good for me. I'm so bad at presenting speeches
Classics It's looking really interesting so far. There were coloured slide shows today 'o' and a lot of the stuff we're learning, we covered in latin. Win.
History The teacher is amazing, especially after two years of Mrs Prebble (who apparently is losing her mind). She explains things really nice, and has the neatest handwriting in the world (she's Gini's handwriting idol, heh). And the class is small, so it's easy to ask questions.

I know I'm not suppost to start sentances with 'and' but I can't help it! It's a disease.


I woke up with a really bad headache on Tuseday. But then Gini gave me some pain killers, and it was amazing. Then I fell back asleep (after watching the evil trippy cartoons), had an amazing sleep coz Josh's bed is so comfy, then woke up to Home and Away. There were two girls on it arguing and I thought it was happening in real life. But all through-out Monday night I wanted to listen to Sigur Ros. And when I finally did my life was complete. I also talked to a girl who went to British schools in the middle east, about techno music.

I've spent all day today being lazy as fuck, and it's been amazing. I've read 2 comics, and I'm part way through re-reading Perks of being a Wallflower for the 3rd or 4th time ^^;
The music on my mp3 player is almost over. Gah.
Mum thought I had a rash on my back, but it was just kitten scratches. Aww =^__^=

Have to go to school on Thursday... shit. That's tomorrow. I thought there was one more day >__>
Musics ended. Goodbye

Feb. 3rd, 2007

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe is to appear on the London stage next year, playing a stable boy who has an erotic relationship with his horses.



The voice inside my head/my thoughts are creeping the hell out of me.
They have no sound. They don't sound like a human voice, they're just there They come from nowhere. What causes them? How do I even know if they're real or not.
Maybe it's not actually 'me' thinking my thoughts, but an outside source putting them into my brain. What if everything is just inputted into people's heads. Like a computer code.

In other news 400th post. And two weeks marks the third year I've had this livejournal.